My Favorite Off-Air Shows

I like to become obsessive over shows that haven’t aired a new episode in years. There isn’t a support group for it, so I’m just going to believe its healthy and normal.

Here are my favorites:

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

{Source: Pinterest}

{Source: Pinterest}

If you haven’t seen this show, you should. The writing is witty and Buffy kicks ass! Seven seasons aired, as well as a spin-off show “Angel.” It is a show that appeals to most everyone. There’s fighting, friendship, comedy, and normal, human problems. The title makes it pretty obvious that there is going to be some death involved, but it’s not gory. Joss Whedon made the show masterfully violent. She’s fighting evil without every scene revolving around her battle skills. Also, a study suggests that watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer could make men less sexist. Who said television had no purpose? Re-runs air occasionally on FX.

2. Pushing Daisies

{Source: Pinterest}

{Source: Pinterest}

This is one of the most charming shows I have ever seen. I have watched every episode multiple times and I still cry during the finale. No joke. It aired two seasons and was cancelled mostly due to the writer’s strike in 2008. The basic premise of the show is that the main character, Ned, is a pie shop owner who can bring people back to life simply by touching them. However, if the person remains alive for more than one minute, someone else dies. It sounds morbid, and it is, but the show is simply spectacular. I suppose it does fall into the crime and mystery category, but it is nothing like your typical, run-of-the-mill crime scene show. Pushing Daisies is light and cheery. Plus, the love story of Ned and Chuck (his childhood crush that he brought back to life), is perhaps one of the most underrated, beautiful love stories of all time. Re-runs are shown sometimes on Chiller.

3. Lizzie McGuire

{Source: Pinterest}

{Source: Pinterest}

Ahh, the Disney Channel glory days. This was my favorite show when I was younger. I use the word obsession with its full definition in mind. If Lizzie McGuire was on TV, I watched it. If a shirt had Lizzie McGuire on it, I bought it. The soundtracks? Yep, have those too. I still find the show relevant. It dealt with real issues about growing up and being in school. A part of me still wants to grow up to be Lizzie McGuire. Besides, basically all the Disney Channel shows from when I was a kid are immensely better than what is on now. Phil of the Future and Kim Possible? Awesome! Dog With a Blog? No. No. No. No….No.

4. The Simple Life

{Source: Pinterest}

{Source: Pinterest}

This is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. I still find this reality TV gold to be totally enjoyable. My mother had me watch when I was younger. I distinctly remember her saying, “If you ever act like Paris Hilton, I will never stop crying.” Solid advice there, Mom. There were so many wonderfully tragic moments throughout the series. I especially love the episode where Paris and Nicole worked at Sonic. Their choice of wording for the sign was comical. Nicole was, without a doubt, my favorite. I found her to be much more interesting than her ditzy counterpart. Because of this show, I am completely determined to name my next dogs Honey Child and Foxy Cleopatra.

5. United States of Tara

{Source: Pinterest}

{Source: Pinterest}

I absolutely love this show. Toni Collette was simply spectacular in her role as Tara, as well as a few others. Tara is a woman with Disassociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. She has many “alters” including a 50’s housewife, rebellious teenager, and redneck man. My personal favorite is Gimme, an unidentified animal who wears a red poncho and once peed on Tara’s father. It was hilarious. She struggles with being a wife and mother to her two children, Kate and Marhsall. Her life is literally overtaken by other people. Her alters usually appear when she is under stress, as DID is a rare and extreme coping mechanism. The bottom line is that this show is both genius and wildly entertaining. I laugh during every episode.

What are your favorite off-air shows? Have you ever watched the ones I like? Let me know in the comment section.

xx Courtney


The Psychology of Favorites

I have trouble committing to my favorite things. When someone asks me which food I love the most or the color I couldn’t live without, I have always had trouble answering.

Some psychologists believe that people who cannot decide on their favorite things have at least one of a few issues:

  1. This is the beginning stage of commitment issues. If you can’t commit to something as small as a  song, you couldn’t possibly commit to a person.
  2. You are unfulfilled. You subconsciously feel that you do not have enough life experience to make a decision.
  3. You are emotionally underdeveloped, therefore incapable of syncing an internal response with an external thing.
  4. You are a control freak. Because you have not listened to every song or tried every type of pasta, you feel as though any answer you gave would be either dishonest or without indisputable evidence.
"So, you can't decide if your favorite food is pizza. How do you feel about that?"

“So, you can’t decide if your favorite food is pizza. How do you feel about that?”

Perhaps if you are having problems with one of the above things, indecision is a symptom. I’m not saying that these psychologists are wrong, but I think one more reason should be added to the list:

  1. You are human! You are allowed to change your mind! If this week your movie of choice is Moulin Rouge, but then you see Frozen and decide its better, who says you can’t give a new answer?! Your taste buds change all the time, why can’t your choices change with it?

For most, I don’t think this is an “issue.” I think this is normal! If you never changed your mind, your life would be very boring. When I was younger, I loved American cheese and struggled with any color that wasn’t pink. If my likes and dislikes never strayed from a list I developed at age three, that should be considered emotionally underdeveloped. Amiright?

Concluding my rant, I will continue to change my mind. If I want to wear leather today and go with all floral and lace tomorrow, I will! By the week, by the day, I will alter my favorites to suit whoever I decide to be.

Who knows? Maybe I'll decide my favorite thing to do is dress up like an ice cream cone and chase unsuspecting adults in parking lots. I DO WHAT I WANT! Source:

Who knows? Maybe I’ll decide my favorite thing to do is dress up like an ice cream cone and chase unsuspecting adults in parking lots. I DO WHAT I WANT!


So whenever someone asks me about my favorite things, I have learned to respond with, “It depends on the day.”


xx Courtney

P.S. I do not know where the psychology information officially came from. I read about it while I was taking a psychology course. The information provided was repeated through my mostly reliable memory!