Nutter Butters Make Me Nauseous (and other adult revelations)

Things are different as you grow up. Likes and dislikes change, how you view the world changes, as well as most everything else. In my opinion, everyone should always maintain a healthy amount of childishness. Who says you can’t have brownies in the shapes of stars or that sprinkles are just for kids?

With that said, I am happy to no longer be an adolescent. I’m perfectly content with the age that I currently am. Every once in a while, I will revisit various favorites from my childhood only to come to a startling conclusion: my said former favorite is horrendous. What the hell was I thinking? I don’t care how young  I was, how did I find that appealing? Sometimes, bringing up things from the past isn’t nostalgic, it’s traumatizing. I am now referring to these as things I liked in my past life. I refuse to believe that I am the same person as my elementary-school-aged self.

On the other hand, things that I once despised turned out to be pretty good after all! Gaining a few years can introduce you to some really awesome things. I guess brain development really does open some pretty cool doors.

In the spirit of an incident involving a particular manufactured cookie, I thought about some food opinions I consider to be pretty adult:

Nutter Butters Make Me Nauseous (and other adult revelations)

1. Nutter Butters are disgusting. I used to love those peanut-shaped cookies. When I got them in my lunch, it was a special occasion. The other day, I discovered some mini Nutter Butters in the pantry that my dad had brought home. “I used to love these!” I thought. “I’m sure they still taste good,” my delusional self continued. So I sat on the couch and opened the bag. It was the first time I had tried one in probably eight years. Those precious treats from my childhood had somehow turned into peanut butter demons. Seriously, what do they put in those?! I don’t know if the recipe has been changed or if my palate was actually that underdeveloped. Either way, I am ashamed to say that I ever liked the abominable, sickeningly sweet, artificial peanut devil cookies.

2. Escargot is wonderful. I remember watching my mother eat it in my developmental years and always responding with, “Ewwwwww!” Now, I can truly appreciate this wonderful French delicacy. I was actually tricked into trying them. My mom had made a pasta topped with “special mushrooms.” Looking back, I really should have inquired more about these mushrooms. At this point in my life, if anyone says they put something “special” in my food, I’m going to assume its drugged and run away. Anyways, I tried these “mushrooms” and loved them. Shortly after I finished my meal, my father broke the news to me. I was hysterical. I’m not really big on being deceived. I was able to get over it, however, when I started craving Escargot the next day. Just as a personal preference, I only eat escargot imported from France. I have an uncle that is from France, so he always brings a ton home whenever he visits. Because my family appears to love me, they share! Nowadays, it is not uncommon for my brother and I to share a whole bunch of escargot with butter, garlic and herbs for dinner. Mmmmm.

3. American cheese is not real cheese. Remember that Kraft commercial that said, “a country is only as good as its cheese?” If that were found to be true, we are the most appalling country on the planet. When I went to McDonald’s as a kid, I always ordered a cheeseburger. I thought they were fantastic! Now, I’m all about the good stuff. Goat cheese or bust. There is no way I will ever revert to putting that artificial, flimsy, faux-cheese on anything I eat. There are so many good cheeses in this world! Eat those instead! I don’t know about you, but I think a grilled cheese with gouda or a serving of baked brie sounds a hell of a lot better than “processed cheese squares.”

4. There is more to pizza than pepperoni. Most kids order the standard cheese or one-topping pizza. Why would you want to put anything on there? Because it’s delicious, that’s why. Sometimes, I even get pizza with salad on top. Oh, the horror! Pizza is awesome with pesto, spinach, chicken, peppers, pineapple, and so much more. I don’t think I’ve ordered a plain pizza in years. My current favorite is called a Calypso pizza, which I get at my local pizzeria. It has Canadian bacon, pineapple, chicken, bell peppers, onion, and smoked bacon. It sounds a little weird, but the combination is so, so good. Another favorite of mine is pretty much anything with goat cheese.

Has your taste in food changed over the years? What do you like now that you didn’t before? Let me know in the comment section!

xx Courtney

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