I’m Courtney and this is my latest project. I hope my blog will provide inspiration, information, and a few laughs.

I should probably start with the title of my blog. I suppose we’ve all heard someone say that they “wear many hats.” Well I’ve never really been a hat person. According to my family, that invisible crown has always been atop my head!
I frequently think of the song Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve. First of all, I am obsessed with the sound of violins. Secondly, there is a line that resonates with me; “I’m a million different people from one day to the next.” I don’t know what the lyricist’s intentions were upon writing this, but I think that everyone is comprised of many people. For each situation, you are a different person. We change ourselves to adapt to our needs. For instance, I behave differently as a student than I do as a friend. When I’m travelling, I am different than I would be in an art class. I encompass several individuals.

One of my biggest crowns is that of a patient. In January of 2010, I was diagnosed with a chronic pain illness. I am grateful that it is not terminal (i.e. I have many decades ahead of me!), but it does make my day-to-day life more difficult. It can be hard to have so much of yourself dictated by forces outside of your control. My life has been ruled by my illness. Because of this, I have missed out on a lot. However, that is going to change! Recently, I have been getting a better handle on things. In the coming months, I have certain events and appointments that I believe will be immensely helpful in my recovery. My outlook is good and my attitude is positive!

My obsessions include all things Disney, mermaids, quotes, travel, beaches, road trips, legos, seafood, British things, and geeky television.

I am excited to see where this blog takes me. Hopefully, you can find something to identify with.

If you would like to contact me for any reason, I would love to hear from you. I am best reached by email at shewearsmanycrowns@gmail.com.

Thank you for supporting me.

xx Courtney


17 thoughts on “About

      • Oh yes I know many bloggers on here who battle that too, it’s brutal. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s what’s going on with me.

        I’m glad that you’ve been finding some things that help. It’s my pleasure to visit your blog 🙂

      • I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having some, what I can only assume are, some difficult symptoms. It was so hard when I was first showing symptoms and diagnosed. I felt alone and without direction. If you have any questions regarding fibromyalgia, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My email can be found the contact section. I would be more than happy to offer any information/support.


      • Thank you so much for that. Nerve pain is one that worries me. Some back pain that radiates to my hips. Sometimes it takes me out and I can’t walk for a few days. Muscle spasms that also take me out. Those are just a few of the things that make me wonder.

      • You can email me if you wan to know more, but I would suggest going to the Mayo Clinic. I went to the one in Rochester, Minnesota and it has been life changing. I’m going back next month. Even if Fibromyalgia isn’t what you have, they could probably diagnose you. There’s a reason why it’s ranked one of the top hospitals in the world.

  1. Thank you for finding and following my blog – I clicked over to see yours and I am looking forward to hearing more from you. Good luck writing and exploring your thoughts here!

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