So, I’ve been absent for almost three months. If I was speaking purely from imagination, I’d tell you now of my amazing vacation around the world. The kind of spiritual journey described in Eat. Pray. Love. Oh, the elephant rides and exotic food. I’m a changed being.

But since this is ┬áplace of honesty: I just sort of forgot. For a solid six weeks I genuinely forgot that I had a blog. It’s even saved as a favorite on my dashboard for chrome. I should really consider joining Lumosity. That can’t be healthy.

Last week, I noticed the little WordPress icon at the top of my screen and thought, “Yeah, I should probably get back to that.” If anything, I need to┬ástart writing again purely to preserve a little sanity. I quite enjoy my little sharing circle. Where any judgement can be marked as spam. Blogging rocks.

I did complete rehab and it was everything it was supposed to be. I have some drafts saved that I will now get around to finishing and publish. While I was there, I had the delusion that I’d have some free time to write. I was severely mistaken. I’ll talk about that later.

Thank you for being patient with me. I did in fact forget you (sorry), but I’m back. A little late, but here all the same. Like a sequel from Pixar.

xx Courtney