“I’m Very Pleased and Scared To Be Here.”

In the words of Penny Pingleton from Hairspray, “I’m very pleased and scared to be here.”

I am a bit panicked to be writing my first post. I think I have valid reason to be nervous, but my anxiety is probably making me unnecessarily fearful. On the other hand, I’m thrilled to be starting this new chapter! I have absolutely no experience in blogging, but a great passion for writing and life itself. I will do my best to spell things correctly and use decent grammar.

I’m Courtney. I am currently living in a small town in New Mexico, where I have been for about three years now. Before then, I was raised in Viva Las Vegas! I have no plans to stay here, as this town just isn’t me. My dreams have always been bigger than my body!

I have a chronic pain illness that I was diagnosed with just after my fifteenth birthday. Its been a struggle, but I am getting better. You can read more about it in the “About” section of my blog.

My illness, for a long time, took the passion out of my life. I was not motivated to do much of anything. Recently, I have been getting my happy back. I have a better plan for better living. My life only goes up from here!

My goal is that through this blog, someone else can find something to relate to. I, like everyone else, am not perfect. I make mistakes and say the wrong thing. Saying the wrong thing is often “my thing.” It took me a while to understand that its okay to mess up. A lot of these mess-ups have made me a better person in the long run. In the moment, however, I usually felt like abandoning all civilization and living in the woods where I can’t embarrass myself. Very rational.

As I stated in my about page, I hope my writing brings inspiration, information and a few laughs!

If you have any suggestions or comments for me, I would love to hear from you. I am best reached by email at shewearsmanycrowns@gmail.com.

I hope this blog brings as much happiness to you as it does me. Thank you for reading!

xx Courtney



2 thoughts on ““I’m Very Pleased and Scared To Be Here.”

  1. Welcome. Can’t wait to read about you’re journey. I blog because at least i get that some people are going to listen to my rants about food and nutrition. i used to not care about that, used to be the girl that had the yummiest recipes around but not altogether healthy. Now i’m the girl that tells her friends that carrots are also slightly higher in carbs and replace that cream with fat free yoghurt… lol i am just annoying them and no one wants to share in my journey with me. YOu’ll definitely find some people to rant and rave with you here. Welcome and enjoy

    • Thank you for the warm welcome! I can relate to being the annoying source of information. If you read my “about” page, you’ll see that my mother now calls me “Food Nazi.” She has gotten used to it, though! Thank you for the support!

      xx Courtney

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